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SRYSA Youth Basketball registration for the 2022-2023 season, for boys and girls, is now open!




As a heads-up, you may receive a message from SVAA Basketball that their registration is open. DO NOT SIGN YOUR CHILD UP DIRECTLY VIA SVAA (BOYS AND GIRLS), SPX (BOYS) OR PSA (GIRLS) AT THIS TIME. ONLY REGISTER YOUR CHILD THROUGH SRYSA AT THIS TIME THROUGH THE SRYSA WEBSITE. SRYSA will hold player evaluations in order to form teams, considering player assessments and option preferences, as explained further below. Options between recreation league and competitive league are available starting at 2nd grade for boys, and 3rd grade for girls given PSA only offers competitive league starting in 3rd grade. See below for further information on player evaluations.

Basketball Registration Rundown

Basketball Commissioners:

Marc Wilson- Boys Basketball Commissioner (

Clark Mitchell- Boys Basketball Asst. Commissioner

Jill Lassen- Girls Basketball Commissioner (

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