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​All Sunnyvale Raiders Youth Sports Association coaches will attend coaching clinics that are put on by the varsity coaching staff. They will teach strategy, plays, terminology, and drills that are utilized by the varsity players.

The sports we currently offer are:

  • Sunnyvale Raiders Baseball

  • Sunnyvale Raiders Basketball

  • Sunnyvale Raiders Cheerleading

  • Sunnyvale Raiders Football

  • Sunnyvale Raiders Lacrosse

  • Sunnyvale Raiders Softball

  • Sunnyvale Raiders Volleyball


To make this a successful endeavor, we need Raider athletes to participate. If your child is in Kindergarten through 8th grade and would like to participate on one of the Raider Youth teams, please contact the commissioner for the sport you are interested in. The information can be found in the "sports" tab under individual sports.

SRYSA Registration Fee

SRYSA Registration Fee - $55 – This is a flat fee, across the board, for all SRYSA registrations. The fee covers shared overhead costs of the SRYSA 503(c) non-profit organization including, but not limited to, facility fees for practice and game facilities in, and outside of, SISD, umbrella player insurance for all SRYSA sports participants, volunteers, and events, system maintenance costs (LeagueApps, WIX (website), PayPal, etc.), third-party bookkeeping and tax services professional fees.



Please note that any refund requests after a completed registration (i.e. a child/parent changed their mind regarding participation) will be less than $10 to cover non-refundable PayPal and LeageApps transaction fees collected by those vendors at the time of registration.

Background Check:

 To ensure the safety of the participants of SRYSA, and to satisfy our insurance requirements, background checks will be required for all head coaches and assistant coaches. Such background checks will be administered by Checkr, a third-party service provider, and the cost of such background check (~$18) will be the responsibility of the volunteer.



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