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If you are interested in learning more about Sunnyvale Raiders Lacrosse Club, please reach out to Coach Mark -

Phone- 602.790.1526 


Lacrosse Registration

Equipment - All players must bring their own equipment. This includes a lacrosse helmet, stick, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves. This will run approximately $200 but it is money well spent! Here is a great website to get everything you need to get started -

sets - $30 membership is mandatory. Along with insurance benefits, this includes a 12 month subscription to Lacrosse Magazine, as well as a rule book for the 2023 season. - $55 sign up cost. Covers our SRYSA membership, field usage, and insurance.

Lacrosse Fee - $125 per kid. This covers our league fees, ref fees, uniforms (reversible top, shorts, and shirt that you get to keep), equipment, and other various costs. This fee is payable through Venmo (@Mark-McLoone) or Zelle (602.790.1526 Wells Fargo Mark McLoone).

Preseason Practice Starts - January 17Practice Starts - February 1Games Start - February 18Season Ends - April 1 - quick 9 week season!

Spring Break - No practices or games from March 12-19, may have a fun clinic or two for those who are in town. I am shooting to have a game the first Saturday of Spring Break, however, if we do not have enough kids, not a problem at all!

Game Days - Shooting for 6 Saturdays, some days may have 2 games. Total game target is 10 for each team.

Game Locations - Within 30 minutes of Sunnyvale is my target, home games as well. May play Rockwall a few times, also considering doing double game days when they host another team. Plano East, Richardson, and Lovejoy have programs as well.

Round Robin - I am hopeful to find a few fields in Sunnyvale to host 4 teams on a Saturday near the end of the season for a round robin. If you have any connections or insights, please feel free to reach out!Parent Coach Volunteers - Please reach out if you are interested in coaching. No experience is necessary! I will have a coaches' clinic before the season starts to get you familiar with everything you need to know for the season!

Lastly - I am in search of a few parents looking to take on some behind the scenes help. Anything that can get taken off my plate allows me to focus more of my energy on the kids and on field fun. Please let me know if you are interested!

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